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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Tilray, our mission is to improve patients’ lives through the power of medicinal cannabis by building the world’s most trusted and valued medicinal cannabis company. On this mission, we’re committed to work together with researchers, physicians, authorities and governments to reduce barriers for medicinal cannabis legalization around the world while supporting global access, advocacy and understanding.

Patient Advocacy and Access

We believe that patients around the world should have access to safe, high-quality and affordable medicinal cannabis. Our efforts to achieve this goal include:

Increasing Education

Tilray sponsors ‘Medical Cannabis Today’, a journal written by and for health care providers, and is working with healthcare providers to launch ‘Cannab_Is Medicine’, a hub for patients and healthcare professionals to get the latest information on medicinal cannabis treatments. We also continue to present cannabis research at medical conferences and for patient groups globally.

Fighting for reasonable taxation

Tilray works with regulators and governments around the world, urging them to minimize taxes of pharmaceutical medications such as medicinal cannabis. We do this e.g. in Canada by testifying before the Canadian House of Commons and Senate, and by partnering with Canadians for Fair Access to Medicinal Marijuana in support of a patient-led campaign and petition to end taxation.

Improving coverage of cannabis-based treatments

Tilray is researching patient use in multiple conditions and is partnering with leading hospitals and universities across the globe to advance the clinical applications of cannabinoids. On top of that, we are working with insurers trying to increase cost-coverage for patients being treated with medicinal cannabis.

Corporate Citizenship

Community Pride

Tilray is proud to be an employer of choice in the communities where we operate. As such, we are dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work. Tilray proudly supports several organizations worldwide including: The Nanaimo Hospice Society, Christmas for Everyone, The Nanaimo Family Life Association, Medicinal Cannabis Conferences around Europe and worldwide, and many more.

Sustainable Practices

Tilray is dedicated and invested in the development of best‐in-class industry standards for environmental management. We pursue environmental practices that contribute to a sustainable society and enhance our corporate citizenship. We are working to improve the environmental sustainability standards of the cannabis industry as a whole in all countries where we operate. Our Global Environmental Policy sets out a framework with benchmarks for environmental, social and governance issues that tie into every aspect of how we conduct our business.

Corporate Compliance

Tilray operates ethically and in compliance with a set of rules that govern all areas of our organization. As a part of our Compliance Program, Tilray has enacted a Code of Business Conduct, which outlines the ethical standards and compliance requirements that we are bound by. As the backbone of our Compliance Program, the Code of Conduct ensures every Tilray employee understands the ethical standards, compliance requirements and business practices that will help us achieve our shared goal of establishing Tilray as the world’s most trusted and valuable medicinal cannabis company.